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Safe List Of Countries Gets Longer

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Starting December 1st, Russia adds 5 more countries to the safe list:

  • Argentina

  • Bangladesh

  • Brazil

  • Costa Rica

  • Mongolia

With the list slowly growing, residents of 86 countries are now admitted to travel to Russia as tourists.

Full list or countries residents of which are admitted to Russia as tourists may be found here.

If you are resident in one of 86 safe list countries, you may travel to Russia as tourist, applying for a tourist visa in the Russian Consulate in any country from the list. Being a registered travel operator, we are here to offer necessary visa support.

If you happen to be citizen of 32 countries which are visa free and admitted during pandemic, you do not need a visa to travel to Russia as tourist.

Crews (both private or commercial) are allowed to enter and stay in Russia if they are from visa free countries or if they have valid Russian visa. There are no pandemic restrictions for crews.

If you are citizen of any of 80 visa free country, you may fly to Russia as crew without a visa regardless of any pandemic restrictions. Crews from other countries need to get Russian visa to operate into Russia.

Full list of countries, tourists and crews from are allowed to Russia visa free, may be found here.

If the crew wishes to have 1 year multi-entry business (aka crew) visas, contact us for details.

So-called crew visa on arrival may be issued at 4 Russian airports - Moscow UUEE, Moscow UUWW, Moscow UUDD and Saint-Petersburg ULLI. Maximum duration of stay is 10 days. Please contact us for details if you need such visa for your ad-hoc flight operation.

As a certified travel operator, we are happy to provide necessary paperwork support should you require assistance with obtaining your Russian visa.

E-visas for citizens of 52 countries valid 16 days remain suspended indefinitely although the list of airports where they may be used for entry has been extended to 38 airports of entry.

As always Russia is open for business, cargo, ferry, delivery and tech stop flights. For routes with tech stops only, no visa is required.

If you are planning a flight to Russia, consult our Fuel page with massive list of 335 airports serving Jet A-1 and 280 airports with Avgas 100LL. Network of airports of entry serving Avgas is growing both on European side and on Pacific Coast with the recent addition of UHPP Petropavlovsk and UUBP Bryansk.

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