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Where to Land: Western Entry Port ULOO Pskov Serves Avgas 100LL

We are thrilled to announce one of the most frequently used airports on the western border ULOO Pskov now offers Avgas 100LL.

The westernmost airport of entry in Russia, it is situated just 20 nm from the Estonian border near picturesque Pikhva and Peipus lakes. Since there are very few entry airports on the western border of Russia with Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Belarus, Pskov ULOO is the most conveniently located and serves as a gateway from Europe to Russia and vice versa.

The airport is friendly to general aviation being very quiet with few commercial flights and genuine attention to GA. The staff is fluent in English, controllers are friendly and supportive, fees are not high.

It might be worth staying a night or so in the ancient city of Pskov established 1117 years ago (AD 903) with its numerous UNESCO heritage sites and landmarks of the aged history including Kremlin, cathedrals, museums and countless beautiful sights.

Avgas 100LL is supplied by full 55 USG (200L) barrels. Jet A-1 is always available by meter as well.

We have partnered with Aviatop fuel manufacturer to bring Avgas 100LL to the airports where it is needed the most. Check our Fuel page to see maps of airports and airfields where Avgas 100LL and Jet A-1 are available. Check this page to find many details on each airport that traditional flight planning apps do not have.


As the travel restrictions are still remaining in force across the globe, we take this opportunity to inform that tech stops, delivery, ferry, maintenance, cargo and business flights are permitted via Russia. All airports are open and operating normally. There are no lockdowns, curfews or any other restrictions inside Russia, hotels, restaurants and other facilities are fully operational. There are currently 23 countries that have regular commercial flights to and from Russia.


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