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Russia Closing Borders. Kazakhstan Too

Effective March 18th until May 1st, 2020

Russian Government announced late tonight it will be closing the state borders to all foreign nationals.

From 18 MAR 0000 LCL until 01 MAY 0000 LCL foreign citizens are not allowed to enter Russia, except for:

  • Diplomatic, officials, international organizations employees and their families

  • Residents of Russia

  • Foreign nationals in transit through Russian airports

  • Aircraft crew

There is no explicit international flights ban. Airports are open for international flights.

General aviation flights without passengers are effectively allowed to and inside Russia with foreign nationals acting as crew for ferry, private, cargo and transit flights.

Same restrictions are in force in Kazakhstan from March 16th until April 15th, 2020.

There is no information about any travel ban in Belarus at the moment.

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