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Know Where to Land: Western Entry Port with Avgas ULOO Pskov

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

The westernmost airport of entry in Russia is ULOO Pskov, situated just 20 nm from the Estonian border near picturesque Pikhva and Peipus Lakes.

The airport is very friendly to general aviation being very quiet with very few commercial flights and attention to servicing light aircraft. Operator staff is proficient in English, controllers are friendly and supportive, fees are not high.

Avgas B91/115 is supplied by the airport fueler by bowser and meter. This fuel grade is suitable for many Lycoming, Continental, Rotax and other engines (check your engine manual). Jet A-1 is routinely available as well.

It is also worth staying a night or more in the ancient city of Pskov established 1117 years ago (AD 903) with its numerous UNESCO heritage sites and landmarks of the ancient history including Kremlin, cathedrals, museums and countless beautiful sights.

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