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Know Where to Land: Western Entry Port UMKK Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad airport UMKK is the only entry airport in the Kaliningrad exclave Province on the uttermost west of Russia. It is surrounded by Lithuania, Poland and Belarus and is completely detached from the mainland Russia.

The airport is just 25 km north from the province capital city centre, on the shores of the Curonian Bay and near the famous Curonian Spit.

If you are traveling across western Europe, Kaliningrad is a great place to stop by, explore former Königsberg architecture and see the sand dunes of Curonian and Baltic Spits.

Or just make a short tech-stop for refueling if you do not have time to visit the city.

The airport was rebuilt just before World Football Championship 2018, it is now a modern and comfortable both for crews and passengers. Customs and immigration offices are open, international flights are being served quickly and efficiently.

A great advantage the airport has recently obtained is Avgas 100LL availability. Jet A-1 is also always available.

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