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Know Where to Land: North-western Entry Port ULPB Petrozavodsk

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Petrozavodsk airport ULPB is the only entry airport of the Karelia Province on the north-west of Russia.

It is situated only 17 km from the province capital city Petrozavodsk and very close to the Finnish border, making it ideal entry port for flights to and from Scandinavia. Beautiful Lake Onega is only 5 minutes drive nearby.

If you are traveling from Northern Europe, it is an excellent port of first landing, from here you may continue your trip to St. Petersbourg, Moscow or further north towards White Sea and Arctic Ocean.

The airport infrastructure was recently modernized with new apron, taxiways and parking stands constructed. A new terminal building is being constructed these days.

Customs and immigration offices are open and international flights are being served quickly and efficiently.

Jet A-1 fuel is always available while Avgas 100LL is supplied on request.

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