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Know Where to Land: Myachkovo UUBM

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

N55.56073° E037.98362°

One of the most convenient and friendly airfields for those about to visit Moscow, Myachkovo airdrome is located 16 kilometers south-east of Moscow near the M-5 highway on the outskirts of the Verkhneye Myachkovo village and is a true general aviation epicenter.

The hard runway 1400 m (4200') long and 35 m wide, ready for H24 aircraft landing with take-off weight up to 25 tons. Gravel and asphalt parking stands, hangars and other amenities are offered for short and long term parking. Lighting equipment is provided both for the runway and for the helipad.

The combination of Myachkovo airdrome and the ADM Raceway in a single complex guarantees an unforgettable visit experience. Almost every weekend on the race track are motorsports or recreational activities. There is a rental karting, a beam-crossbow shooting range, buggies, race taxi and independent rides on sports and racing cars, a volleyball court, a stable, a children's playground and an outdoor barbecue area in a pine grove.

The airfield infrastructure offers also a cozy cafe, a guest house with 8 rooms and halls of various capacities for groups.

Avgas, mogas and Jet A-1 are routinely offered for uplift all year round, 7 days a week.

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