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Know Where to Land: Konakovo UUEL

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

A lovely and very friendly airfield to land for refueling and rest not very far from Moscow is Konakovo UUEL. It’s located 100 km northwest of Moscow.

If you fly helicopter it is a-must-visit airfield as it is the International Academy of Helicopter Sport homebase and you have a chance to see or even take part in helicopter competitions.

If you fly a fixed-wing you are always welcome as well: there is a 2000 feet asphalt runway. Landing is possible from sunrise to sunset seven days a week, frequency 133,1 “Konakovo-Start”. 100LL and Jet A-1 are always available.

There are hangars for helicopters and small aircrafts.

Brand new Clubhouse was opened in November, 2019, it has a hotel with 11 rooms from standard to deluxe, restaurant and bar, there are also fisher houses on the pond-side of the aerodrome - you could enjoy fishing right from the verandas and the chef would cook fresh catch for you. There are bikes and Panda-park for summer entertainment, ski and snowmobiles for winter time.

By request a lift may be offered to Moscow by car or by a helicopter.

Konakovo UUEL was a home aerodrome for World Around Flight 2017, performed on Bell 407, that was 14th successful helicopters round-the-world flight.

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