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Know Where to Land: Chernoe XUMH

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

N55.760300° E038.063568°

Chernoe airfield is the closest GA-friendly airstrip to Moscow.

It’s only 15 km from Moscow Circle Road. Crews can reach the Russian capital within 30-40 minutes after landing at the airfield by any means of transport.

The runway 17-35 is 900 m (3000') long and 65 m wide. For taxiing a hard taxiway 120 m long, 60 m wide is used. Parking stands are provided on the apron, while helicopters may be stored in hangars. Hangars (15*15 m) are actually suitable for any light-engine aircraft. All parking stands are equipped with anchor mounts for mooring. Every year, at the end of May, “The Sky: Theory and Practice” festival is held at the airfield where such sporting events as plane and helicopter sports (Cup of Russia, Formula 1 Air Racing) take place.

Sightseeing flights to surroundings of the Moscow region and the nearest cities of the Golden Ring of Russia may be easily organized. Avgas 100LL is readily available, Jet A-1 is supplied on request. Airfield does not supply mogas.

There are comfortable hotels and rest areas at the distance of 3-10 km from the airfield.

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