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Know Where to Land: Orlovka UUTO

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Distance from St. Petersburg on the Russian north-western border to Moscow, lying deeper south-east, is about 380 nm. That is long enough for those about to make it in one hop.

Right on the track to Moscow there is a popular airfield Orlovka UUTO (N5609 E03459).

With it's 2700 feet hard runway, lights in the night and all types of fuel - Avgas100LL, mogas and Jet A-1, this airfield is often used both for quick refuelling stop and for a more leisurely overnight stay.

Actively flying one of the few flight schools, hangars fully packed with light aircrafts based there, restaurant, hotel with amenities, friendliest owners and skilled staff create unique atmosphere so many pilots enjoy. Busier in summer and less busy in winter season, yet fully operational all year round.

Fly-ins, aviation events, barbecues, training and avionics R&D - life is pulsing and the air is busy.

If you are choosing where to land, this is a great airfield on your way from St. Petersburg to Moscow.

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