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Russian Airspace for Everyone. Now as easy as never before

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Welcome to our freshly launched Newsline. From time to time (so not to annoy too much) we will be publishing updates on our activities, events and news.

We are thrilled to present our completely overhauled and reworked website. Not only have we refreshed the look and feel, but added lots of new content and functionality:

  • There is now an always visible Chat with us widget in the bottom right corner on every page - you may start communicating from there and we will respond right away. No more old school emails that are so difficult to write, receive and respond. If you are fond of modern instant messaging applications, you would love this way of keeping in contact with us

  • We have introduced a Subscribe form, it serves to keep our link with you more reliable. Your name and email, once filled and submitted, will help us get in touch with you from time to time to let you know about new events, changes or other novelties. We will not spam and promise to use your email address only for informing you on our activities or keeping contact when your flight is in progress

  • Our Fuel page has been face-lifted to accommodate the needs of our clients who are unable to open online map - we have added a PDF Paper map. It may be downloaded and distributed easily among fellow aviators. We will keep paper map regularly updated and inline with the live map that many pilots already use as a reference and planning tool when working on flights to and in Russia. With thousands of online map clicks we see the information is in high demand. If you would like us to add or change something on our Avgas availability map (or Fuel page), just drop us a line, we will react and adjust

  • We have stepped further and introduced our Members Area - a part of our website exquisitely dedicated to our members. You may always find the Log In section in the upper right corner on any page. Even though it is so easy to become a member (simply press Sign up and submit your name and email or use your Facebook login), joining the members community opens up great benefits and advantages - you may participate in discussions, comment our Newsline, publish your articles, see your payments and transaction history, work on your itinerary and the whole project with us. Once you are a member (and needless to say, we are happy to approve you), you will be automatically logging in our site and we will be aware you are live and might need our care. Chat widget will do the rest

  • We have merged Stories and Testimonials into one beautifully designed page. Now stories about flights we have supported and words of those who were flying with us are going hand by hand. We are proud of those projects and will be sharing more interesting reports. If you want to make your statement, we have even arranged the page section where you may put your testimonial too

  • A brief yet meaningful FAQ page now provides quick answers to essential questions many of us face when considering a trip to terra incognita mystified but actually very friendly

  • Fast and convenient Payment options are added - credit card transaction is now as simple as two clicks. Once you are a Member, there is no need to enter credentials every time. If you are not a member yet, but getting ready to pay for your upcoming flight, it is a right time to sign up for membership and not worry about future payments - your credentials are securely stored and are prefilled when you wish to make another payment

Although we have fully revamped, polished, streamlined and customized our website, we are not relaxing and enjoying what was done - our goal is to make the website as convenient as you wish it to have. Please do not hesitate to criticize, suggest and make us getting better and pilot-friendlier.

Russian airspace is open for everyone, it is now as easy as never before to fly to, inside and above Russia. Same holds true for adjoining countries of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Mongolia. Get in touch with us and let's start working together on your next flight.

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