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Meeting Point - Russia

Arranging round the world trip is taking part in history by itself. However, sometimes we get a chance to organize historical meetings! Here’s the story how Magadan becomes a get-together point of two teams making round the world trips.

In June 2017 Robinson R66 G-DIGA and Cessna 152 N4931B crews met in Magadan and continued their journeys to Anadyr and Nome in Alaska. Then they separated to meet again in Greenland.

MAK Aviation Services supported both crews in Russia helping streamline bureaucratic procedures, that all foreign private pilots come across in our country. We also arranged refueling, ground  and air support.

There was also a chance that both crews would meet another team travelling around the world. Russian Bell RA01930 crew was also nearby however, FAI rules for record-setting round the world flights prevented deviation from preapproved route to Magadan. 

Robinson R66 started its trip on 8th April 2017 and successfully performed its round the world flight. British pilots Peter Wilson and Matthew Gallagher were not setting any records. Their flight had humanitarian objectives as part of the 3-year project Three Journeys Round.

Cessna 152 aircraft started its round the world trip in the autumn of 2016 from the town of Suwalki in Poland. The pilot had to interrupt the flight for a time, resuming it later. Polish pilot Tomasz Wojtowicz was not setting any records, making the trip for his own pleasure.

We are happy that the flights were successful and all pilots enjoyed their journeys as well as their time in Russia. It’s an honor to be arranging the Russian legs of those round the world trips.

Peter Wilson and Matthew Gallagher have flown from Sapporo RJCC to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk UHSS, Nikolaevsk-na-Amure UHNN, Okhotsk UHOO, Magadan UHMM, Manily UHPN, Anadyr UHMA, Provideniya Bay UHMD to Nome PAOM, Alaska.

Tomasz Wojtowicz has flown from Aomori RJSA to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk UHSS, Magadan UHMM, Anadyr UHMA to Nome PAOM, Alaska.

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