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Flight in the Name of Friendship and Peace. From Germany to Russia

Early July 2017 a group of light and ultralight aircraft from Germany landed in Kaliningrad. 26 members of Aero-Club Braunschweig came to Russia on 13 aircrafts. International airport Khrabrovo put a lot of efforts to align them all in one air corridor and allocate parking stands. After landing it was the turn of border police, but they also took into account all specifics of the event and completed all paperwork literally on the aircrafts.

Private pilots from Kaliningrad joined their German fellows in the air program inside Russia - German aircrafts were enjoying flying above Kaliningrad region with landing at Waldau airfield, where the main event was organized on July 11th – aviation parade. Another flight above the beautiful scenery of the area was performed after the parade with landing at Kaliningrad international airport.

German pilots were also taken care of by professional tourist guides who took them for extensive sightseeing. Russian guides were impressed with the song «Wir sind Piloten!» (We are the pilots!) and shared singing videos in social media.

Flight in the name of friendship and peace was an unexpected success! MAK Aviation Services thanks everyone who took part and promised to come to Kaliningrad again. 

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