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Dream To See Moscow From Above Comes True

Private pilot Maciej Krych took a long flight from Poznan, Poland, to visit his friends in Moscow. We published here his previous adventures with quantities of crayfish and famous aviators song.

One of Maciej's dreams was to see Moscow from above. And he did it! Furthermore from his own plane while flying around MKAD - big ring road around Moscow - excellent route with beautiful views of the city. 

Maciej Krych and his Cirrus SR20 immediately became celebrities. We accompanied them in the air, continuously taking pictures of this hit of the season. He was the first ever foreign pilot on the first ever foreign aircraft to officially land at Mychkovo UUBM and the first ever foreign aircraft who was allowed to fly around the city of Moscow.

Maciej stayed in Moscow for couple days - met his friends, visited Red Square and the downtown, flew with Russian fellow pilots to a grass strip airfield Vatulino UUMW.

MAK Aviation Services team is happy this mission was successful and everything went smoothly and according to meticulously arranged plan. 

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