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Global Airspace For Everyone

We assist aircraft operators and pilots in obtaining permits, creating routes, arranging fuel and coordinating with airports for any flight to Armenia ∙ Georgia ∙ Azerbaijan ∙ Turkey ∙ Kazakhstan ∙ Kyrgyzstan ∙ Tajikistan ∙ Turkmenistan ∙ Uzbekistan ∙ Middle East ∙ Africa ∙ Japan ∙ Korea ∙ Mongolia ∙ Asia Pacific ∙  and other countries

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Our Services

If you are planning flights to any destination we will arrange:

  • Entry/overflight/landing permits

  • Fuel Jet A-1 or Avgas 100LL

  • VFR or IFR routes optimisation

  • Ground handling

  • Flight planning

  • Flight plans filing and tracking

  • H24 support while flight is in progress

  • Contingency planning

  • Alternates and diversion handling

  • Polar operations support

  • Visa support 

Permits, clearances, PPRs and slots may be obtained for any fixed wing aircraft (including piston, ultralights and microlights) and helicopters

Whether you are a ferry operator, a private pilot or an aviation tourists group, an earthrounder, an air rally participant or attempting a record, we will make it easy for you

See detailed Services below for more information

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Our Guidelines

Notes on your East-bound flight:

  • VFR flights are allowed on any desired altitude (some restrictions apply). Contrary to popular belief it is not mandatory to fly IFR

  • Entry and exit to/from a country must be through an international airport also known as Airport Of Entry. International means “open to foreign aircraft”. Should you wish to land in a national airport, a special permit will be normally required

  • Only few airports are slot controlled

  • Landing is allowed (restrictions apply) at controlled domestic airports where English ATC is provided

  • Landing is normally allowed at uncontrolled airfields

  • VFR flights are possible to almost any destination on any aircraft

  • Lack of Avgas at many international airports is not a factor as landing is permitted where fuel is available

  • Escort navigator normally is not required

  • See Guide for more information

Our Services, Detailed

We deal with general aviation where each flight is unique and bespoke.
Services are individually tailored to the purpose of flight, crew intentions, aircraft type, airspace structure, fuel availability and preferred airports

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Permits, Permissions and Clearances

  • Entry, landing and overflight permits for any flight

  • VFR and IFR, international or domestic airports

  • Even where normally foreign aircraft are not permitted to land

  • Even where usually foreign aircraft are not allowed to fly

  • Fixed wing, helicopters, ultralights, microlights, autogyros and gliders. Jet, turbine and piston

  • Private, business, charter, aviation tourism, ferry operations, earthrounders, rally participation and record breaking attempts

  • Lead time is from 3 hours to 14 working days subject to the route

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Airport coordination, PPRs and Slots

  • Arrival and departure slots in slot controlled airports

  • PPRs, confirmations and coordination with airport authorities where landing is intended

  • If you choose an airport which is not H24 and want to land there after operating hours, we arrange extension and your late landing. That is charged by the airport authority but in some cases worth doing so

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Ground Handling

Services provided on the ground at the airport of landing may vary from basic to very sophisticated. We arrange only those each flight needs and requests

  • Basic package of simple landing - parking - security - overnight

  • Full scale handling with ASU, GPU, de-icing, supervision, passenger lounges and catering

  • English-speaking ramp agent addressing airport and operation matters 

  • If you want to save we request only minimal package from the airport operator. If you opt for additional comfort and require technical assistance we arrange that too

  • While some international airports are modest in their pricing policy, others charge very heavily. Ask us for a fair advice or quotation

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Fuel Arrangement

Aircraft uplifts fuel at an airport, there is no other way unless you have a special agreement with military to tanker while airborne

  • If you need Jet A-1, it is available at all international airports and at many domestic airfields. Refer to Fuel page for details. Or simply request us to arrange your fuel

  • If you use Avgas 100LL we will make it waiting for you at select international airports of entry. But not at all of them, yet 

  • Avgas 100LL will be readily available at many domestic airports your trip comprises. We take care of it. Check Fuel page for details


Navigation Service

  • We prepare optimised routes for VFR or IFR flights considering all limitations and complexity of the airspace structure

  • While IFR routes are published and easier to deal with, VFR routes are normally not depicted in common navigation packages and difficult to get familiar with. We know them better than anyone and utilise them in your routing to save time, cut short distance and provide pleasure of a VFR flight

  • We are filing flight plans for each leg, monitor and track them, amend and provide en-route reclearance

  • Weather and NOTAMs for airports of departure, landing and en-route

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Visa Assistance

  • Crew members are exempt from visa in many countries. General Declaration must be filled and stamped by immigration on arrival

  • Tourist vouchers for a single or double-entry tourist visa valid 30 days. Issued in 1 day

  • Travel confirmations for a multi-entry 6 month tourist visa

  • Humanitarian invitations for special visas valid up to 3 months

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Escort Navigator Service

  • In very rare cases escort navigator might be required on board to land at domestic airport or use domestic airway (not open for foreign aircraft)

  • We provide navigators with excellent command in English, knowledgeable and very experienced. And pleasant personalities most of all

  • Your crew will benefit and enjoy a company of a local pilot

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Contingency Planning And Alternates Support

  • Alternates and diversion support

  • Handling and local rep service in case of landing at the alternate

  • Crew and passenger transportation and accommodation

  • Further details may be found at the dedicated section

Image by NOAA

Cross Polar Operations Support

  • If your fleet operates cross polar routes over Russia we provide support even at very remote locations

  • Alternates selection based on aircraft performance and requirements

  • Handling, local rep and assistance when AOG

  • Hospitality, accomodation, transportation for crews and pax

  • More specific details at the dedicated page

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Single Invoice Service

  • Every landing generates 3-5 various invoices for provided services which, if paid ad-hoc, consume precious daylight crew time

  • We collect all invoices for landing and parking fees, handling charges, air navigation fees and fuel

  • We issue only one single invoice for your journey covering all incurred expenditures. Saving your time and reducing your operational costs

  • You pay only once by wire transfer or credit card

Backed by a team of experienced pilots, our services meet the needs of all types and sizes of clients - from light piston to heavier turbine powered aircrafts - and deliver crew and operator satisfaction with measurable cost savings

Check our Guide to learn more details and specific information or simply сontact us to start working today on your flight

Who We Are

We know details better than anyone

MAK Aviation Services offers a wide range of aviation services with the necessary tools and expertise to help conduct your journey. With years of experience, our team has the capabilities and knowledge to make your trip a flawless adventure. Contact us to learn more

Wherever you come from, wherever you want to go in Europe, Africa, Middle East or Asia Pacific, we can arrange your landing or overflight permits, fuel and flight planning

Want to experience the insights and skills of MAK Aviation Services for yourself? Give us a call today and let’s discuss what we can do for you

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