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Design and production of flight simulators
and training devices for flight-technical personnel


The Boeing Company is the world leading aerospace corporation and the largest producer of passenger aircrafts. The company delivers its products to 145 countries.

Official websites: www.boeing.ru, www.boeing.com.

BARCO is the global technology company, leader in designing, developing and production of visualization solutions, including specialized aircraft displays.

Official websites: www.barco.com/ru, www.barco.com.

MOOG – one of the world’s largest manufacturers of controls and systems, including the actuators and control systems for both civil and military aircrafts.

Official website: www.moog.com

Centre for Certification of Flight Simulation Training Devices (CC FSTD) was established in June 2008 in the frame of Federal State Unitary Enterprise «Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute named after prof. N.E. Zhukovsky» (TsAGI). CC FSTD provides an independent assessment and expertise of aviation technologies.

Center’s Main activities:

  • Certification of flight simulators and other training facilities to meet current qualification levels.
  • Creation and development of domestic normative documents on a qualification assessment of flight simulators and other training facilities.
  • Development of guidelines for engineers and technical workers, staff training and methodological support on industrial enterprises and educational centers to meet demands of flight simulators control and training equipment for compliance with the standards listed above in terms of qualification assessment (primary, regular, in case of equipment transfer from one place to another). Advanced training organization.
  • Cooperation with international organizations and participation in development and creation of international standards.
  • Development of an effective examination system of flight simulators at all stages of their creation from requirements specification, conceptual, technical and working projects to the end-product.

Official website: www.tsagi.ru

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