Enterprise Modernization Aviation Komplex, LLC
Design and production of flight simulators
and training devices for flight-technical personnel


Our company was founded in 2000. The key objective of its establishment was to work out the technology of development and production of the complex training devices and, and first of all the, simulators. This objective was succeeded at the earliest possible time. It took us 11 months to create a prototype of a tracked vehicle simulator – one of the best examples of such simulators judging from its functionality for that time.

In future our activity started its independent development. We created an improved version of a tracked vehicle simulator taking into account the issues of manufacturability, maintainability, modularity and design unification. At the same time we set out a project organization process and switched over to the system of project management.

Since 2006 we started to redirect our efforts into the aria of aircraft training devices.

In 2008-2009 the employees of our company went through an intensive training on «Qualification of flight simulators».

We have established close partnership with the leading suppliers of the critical components for simulator industry (MOOG, BARCO), and the branch of  The Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (founded under the initiative and leadership of N. E. Zhukovsky, the father of Russian Aviation) – Center of examination and aircraft certification (TsAGI). All the products, manufactured by the enterprise, undergo experts’ examination in this world famous organization.

We are constantly improving our technologies. Since 2009 company’s designers have achieved significant advances in Pro-Engineer software product design. At the same time we’ve carried out a tremendous and a truly revolutionary work in the aria of electronics design and software development. All our innovations are directed to improvement of production properties and costs cutting.

As any organization, we have both success and loss. We’ve learned very serious lesson from the crisis,  experienced in 2007. As a result in the middle of 2007 M.A.K. Enterprise was more dead than alive. Later, due to intensive crisis management we gained a second wind.

Today we are: three engineering centers, own scientific and industrial base, modern management system, well-trained motivated staff. Combination of these features lets us implement the engineering and production tasks timely and to a high standard.

And we face the future with confidence!

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