Design and production of flight simulators
and devices for pilots and technical crew training
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About us 

We give people the opportunity
to fly safely!

A creation of products expanding pilots’ possibilities in the "man-machine" dialogue
allows to use all the capabilities of the aircraft in even the most difficult situations.


Video excursion in production center 

Our company is in possession of its own production facilities. The main complex is located at the following address: Moscow, Shishkin Les settlement, building 48. The high quality levels of technical documentation, technological equipment and personnel qualification of "M.A.K." design center allow us to carry out the most complicated works and guarantee the highest quality of our finished products. All production processes are set in accordance with requirements of ISO 9000-9001 standards.


Our perspective



Our history

Founded in 2000, our main purpose from the very moment of company set up was mastering of design technology and production of robust systems in the field of technical training, primarily simulators. This goal was achieved in the shortest time: within only 11 months we have solely developed a simulator prototype of a track vehicle - one of the best simulator types in that time considering its functional capabilities.                                                                                              
Going forward, the direction of our business has achieved self-sustained development. We created an improved version of the track vehicle simulator where problems of technological effectiveness, service, modularity and design unification were taken into consideration. During that time we moved toward project management and began to organize design processes with full dedication.                                                           

From 2006 we started to pay thorough attention to design of technical training means for aviation and switched our efforts to this field. As a result of that our own full cycle production was launched.                                                                     

In 2008-2009 the personnel of our company have passed intensive training specializing in"Aviation simulators qualification"                                                                                                            

We have set up a partnership with leading suppliers of critical components for simulator industry such as MOOG and BARCO as well as with the department of N.E.Zhukovsky Central Aero- Hydrodynamic Institute - Center of aeronautical engineering expertise and certification. All products manufactured by our company are obliged to pass technical expertise in this internationally recognized organization.                                                                                                                                                                                  

We are continuously upgrading our technologies. Beginning from 2009 the company designers have mastered product design in the Pro-Engineer IT-program. Simultaneously massive revolutionary works were held in the field of electronic design and program product development. All our know-hows are aiming to elevate product characteristics and its cost reduction.  

Today we are - three design centers, our own research and production base, modern system of company management, skilled and motivated personnel. All that combined gives us capabilities to fulfil engineering and production goals in certain periods with high efficiency. 

And we are looking forward to the future confidently!